Baby Dedication is a commitment from the child's parents that they will raise the Child up in the ways of the Lord. This is different from Baptism.

     Baptism is what one does when they themselves can confess that they are a sinner and have a need for a savior. They give their life to Christ and then are baptized (submerged).

     Baby dedication, is the parents making the commitment to teach Christian values and a commitment to the body of Christ.

The Parents

In baby Dedication the following Commitments are made:

1) The parents will set a Godly example to their child

2) The parents will teach biblical principles in word and action.

3) The parents will grow the child up in a bible believing church.

God parents( Not necessary)

1) God parents are a support system to the parents

2) God parents are another relationship the child can go to as he or she grows to be a Godly example or guide.

The Church Body

 During Baby Dedication it is an opportunity for the church body to also make a commitment to the parents and child.

1) The body commits to helping the parents in being a Godly witness

2) The Body commits to helping the child grow in the walk with God.

    If you are interested in having your child dedicated please Contact Pastor Jeremy. Because the commitment is before you and God as well as an opportunity for the church to also be apart of committing in helping you the parents as well as the child, we ask you please attend our church, and consider being apart of our church family.

    We want to help you in your commitment of dedication of your child in growing within their life long commitment of the Lord.

      Pastor Jeremy prefers meeting with you after a worship service to discuss Child dedication. Worship starts at 11:00am on a Sunday.

* Please feel free to print out the Baby Dedication Form ahead of time and bring with you to the meeting.

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