Grace Community Church of Lansford

15 W. Ridge St.

Lansford, Pa. 18232

(570) 645-2212

Evangelism Ministry

    Our Evangelism Ministry's purpose is to bring the word of God, out of the church and to the people. Allowing people to see, that we are all sinners, in need of

God's merciful grace.


Because our sin separates us from God, we needed some one to bridge the gap,

there is nothing we can do to earn salvation. It's a gift from God. Jesus paid our penalty.


It's like being on a plane that is crashing, you can look at the parachute, but unless you put it on, it can't save you. Unless you put Jesus on, trust in him as your Lord & Savior you can not be saved.

It's only by the shed blood of Jesus that all our sins are forgiven, and we are set free.



Door to Door Ministry 


Door to door ministry is an opportunity to go out and invite people to

come worship with us, as well as share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is also an opportunity to let the community share with us any

prayer requests and needs. If you would specifically like to meet with

some one from the church feel free to contact us.

Please Contact us by calling 570.645.2212

or e-mailing us @

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